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Playmobile Surfing: Perfect Holiday

I love this.


Coming Of Ageless: The Irons Family Tree

Volcom presents a cool piece of the Irons brothers and Andy’s son Axel.  Axel will be raised by surfings finest and there is no doubt, should he choose to walk in his fathers footsteps, that he will become a legend himself.


From The Atlantic To The Pacific: Trevor Jacob Skates Across The USA

This is epic. Trevor Jacob’s adventure filled journey across the USA with a friend and a skateboard. New York to Malibu, I bet he smelled amazing when he walked through the door.


A Clockwork Warren

Get to know who Warren Smith is in black and white.


Recycled Skateboard Iphone Backs

So cool.  You can get them here.


Oakley Dispatch Episode 4: California

The Oakley surf team hits the water of San Clemente and stacks clips like chips.


Today Is Go Skateboarding Day

…as if you need a reason or a day to tell you to go skateboarding.

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Chris Harris Drives All The Generations Of Audi RS4′s

Come on Audi North America, bring over the new one!


Fisher Heverly

Quiksilver surfer Fisher Heverly rips. I watched him surf 2 foot high waves last year at the Quiksilver Pro NYC and was blown away. Good style and tons of power.


Primitive Man Makes Fire

Imagine if aliens came down and this was the first thing they saw…

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