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RIP Jaya Bonderov

Santa Cruz pro Jaya Bonderov has passed. He was an 80′s icon of street skating.


A Bulldog Fire-cracker’s A Triple Set

Why is it that bulldogs are the only dogs that like to skateboard? If anyone can give me a logical explanation to this I would really appreciate it. #thingsthatkeepmeupatnight


Chemistry Surfboards: The Wide 6

The new Wide 6 is the new brain child of Jason Bennett. The board features 6 channels right below your back foot. Looks like there might be a new small wave board in my quiver soon.

Prices yet to come.



Awesomer is a vid about the skate scene in the Phillipines. There is some realFilipino skate talent.


Volkswagen WRC Polo R Testing In Finland

Volkswagen’s new entry car to the WRC looks so sick! Here’s another video of the car doing tarmac testing.


Surfer: The Distant Shores Movie

Sixteen minutes of uncrowded waves in far off lands.


Omar Hassan’s Concrete Jiihad

Omar making short work of huge cement parks around the west coast.


Disillusion Media Presents: This Is Ozzy

Ozzy Wright is one of the most charismatic surfers on the planet. He doesn’t conform and is constantly pushing the boundaries of surfing and in and out of water fashion.


Much Better Now

My mind has been blown! This is so amazing.


Stepchild Snowboards: Camp Of Champions 2012 Edit

Summer shred is in full swing on the Blackcomb glacier.

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