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Nick Rozsa Gets Busy With Last Weeks South Swell

We had a couple days of really fun surf here a week or so ago. Nick takes advantage of what it had to offer.


Raven Tershy’s Final Run At The Van Doren Invitational Will Be The Best Skating You Watch Today

The above statement is subject to opinion of course.


Summer Snowboarding Is Still More Fun Than Art Camp

High Cascade session 3 went off !


This Kid Is Having The Best Time Ever !

Insert obvious judgmental comment about parenting here__________.


Burned By Someone In The Water? Go For The Tackle, It’s The Obvious Choice.

This is funny.


Mega Lolz: Christian Slater Hears That Thrashin’ Starring Josh Brolin Is Opening A Week Before Gleaming The Cube

Agents emails to the stars from Funny Or Die.


This Is What Skateboarding Will Be Like During The Zombie Apocalypse

Well…minus all the zombies. Such an amazing short film that leads you to believe that Los Angeles and the surrounding Southern California highways are sometimes uncrowded.


Urban Isolation Raw Cut

Here is the cut for the above vid without the cars digitally removed. Almost even more impressive considering how much traffic was around.


This Skate Video Contains At Least 30 WTF’s And 40 Holy Shits

The Majer Krew are seriously talented. My favorite part was when Shaun White wore the leprechaun outfit and dropped all his gold medals.


Surfing Is Getting More And More Like Skating Above The Lip

Eli Steele gets it done with a collection of solid air time and deep turns.

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