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Southwest Flight Attendant Takes It To Eleven While Giving The Safety Briefing

Either this chick just had a meltdown or Southwest is hiring aspiring stand up comedians to be in charge of your safety and well being while in the air.

*Oh and if you are still filming in vertical in 2014 please punch yourself in the gut.


Must Watch Skate Video Of The Day

Ryan Reyes all terrain shredding in A Happy Medium 3.


Police Cut Off Downhill Skaters For A 35 Dollar Fine And Almost Kill Them In The Process

Wow, that could have been really bad.


Patagonia Presents: Deep Water Surf

Nathan Fletcher gets the beating of his life. Scary stuff.


Volcom Damn Am 2014

Technically am stands for amateur. Yeah, they are not amateurs.


Horse Power Is Out Pitbull Power Is in

What happens when one of those dogs sees a squirrel ?


Seb Toots Takes It To The Streets

After the Olympic hype machine was over Seb bagged some heavy urbans shredding.


Kelly Slater + 1 Penis Shaped Surfboard+ 1 Fish = Hilarity

Paul Fisher is really milking the dick.


What The Hell Did I Just Watch? *Japanese Snowboard Wacky Fun Time*

This is confusing to me…also facinating, but mostly confusing. I love it.


A Not So Small Norwegian Avalanche

Avalanche footage never gets old to me.

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