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Simone Chamberlain: On Our Grind

One of the most stylish urban shredders ever drops this new full part from a mission back east.


FRIDAY FLAIR UP: Wes Kremer’s- “Crusty By Nature”

SD’s Wes Kremer is a wrecking ball of awesome.


Sandspit Was Offering Up “Rides Of The Year” Yesterday

OMG that looks so damn fun.


Pyramid Country Presents: Northern Arizona Skatepark Mission

Camping and shredding fun crete.


Ever Wonder How Hard Of A Beating You Can Get At The Wedge?

This bodyboarder is here to demonstrate. You realize he is “landing” in 6 inches of water.


Time To Make The Doughnuts: Hoonigan Industries Wide Body RAUH-Welt 911

This is my friend Brian’s car. It needs to be seen up close to really be appreciated. All the panels for the wide body were hand drawn by Naki-san. He just eyeballed the whole thing apparently. Wide body=wide tire


Jamie O’Brien Board Transfer Today At Mega Wedge ! #Bighumpday

The swell is going bonkers on all Southern California beaches that face south right now. JOB is NUT.


Laird’s Version Of “Shooting The Pier” Last Night At Malibu *Big Tuesday*

Holding a giant stick while navigating barnacle incrusted pilings is pretty gnar.


Drone Footage Of Malibu Going Off This Morning: Shooting The Pier !

Wow, this current hurricane swell is making people dust off the guns from Oceanside north.  According to my friends in Newport, it was a life or death day by the Newport pier.


Thirty Two Presents: Spot Check Mt Hood

The camps have all packed up and gone home from the volcano. Now we can reflect on another fun filled summer on the Palmer glacier.

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