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Gabby Medina Up Your Ass

Well, maybe not your ass, but this dude got cannonballed.


Norway Summer Shredding Just Moved To The Top Of My List…

I would go there and do similar things.


There Is Nothing Like Concrete Shredding To Wake Me Up In The Am

To be able to skate bowls like that would be dreamy. Backside smiths at 200mph should be on everyone’s bucket list.


Will Ferrell In Sweden For Old Milwaukee Beer Commercial Is Amazing

They don’t even know !


Who The Hell Names A Snowboard Film “Mr Plant” ?

Mr Plant may be the dumbest name for a snowboard movie ever, but I’m sure the actual snowboarding will be mind blowing. Now the big question is, do I call Pat Moore Mr Plant now? Is this named after Robert Plant ? Does it even have anything to do with plants ? Is it about hand plants ?


Kelly Slater’s GoPro Footage During The Recent Teahupoo Event in Tahiti

Having that much control in such a big barrel would be nice.


Today’s Must Watch: William Strobeck’s “Joyride”

In the follow up to Cherry, Strobeck puts out yet another skateboarding masterpiece. Enjoy !


Lake Superior Surfing Takes Some Seriously Hearty Individuals

As I watch this, I still can’t believe that’s a lake left point that they are surfing.


Skateboarding Bunnies



This Kickflip Wall Ride Is About The Most Perfect Looking Skate Stunt Ever

Talk about smooth.

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