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This Young Japanese Kid Is Keeping Freestyle Alive And It’s AWSM !

Following the path laid out by Rodney Mullen, Shoji Yamamoto is on his way to being one of the new breed that combines the old with then new.


John x 2 Chucks A Massive Backside 540 To The Flats At Lowers

JoJo Flo is on fire up at the Hurley Pro at Lowers. He has been dominating the lay day free surfing sessions with huge moves like this. Look ma, no hands !


Ever Wonder What It Would Be Like To Drive Your Car On A GoKart Track ?

Seems some Fiat tuners and the folks at K1 Racing  in Carlsbad decided to do just that.


Scotty Vine Just Dropped A Banger New Part From Arbor Snowboards

Scotty is a free thinker. Usually freeing up his back foot from his binding in the middle of massive 720′s or double backflips.


Aarto Saari Wants You To Come Skate With Him In The Helsinki Airport

And by “you” I mean super pro dudes.  A Match Made In HEL is a super session like no other. Actually skating in the Helsinki Finland airport on all those spots that you always wanted to session.


Thank God This Didn’t Catch On And Snowboarding Did

Swingbow…it’s like snowboarding just more weird and awkward.


Tanner Foust Tests The New GRC VW Thug Bug

I wonder how many heats of GRC the flowers would survive ?


Whoah ! So Hyped On The New Pirate’s Production Teaser: Perceptions

It doesn’t hurt that they used that new Hooray For Earth song either.


OMG I Am Crying Laughing ! Star Wars Throne Room Without Music

Chewey sounds like he’s taking a dump !


Gabby Medina Up Your Ass

Well, maybe not your ass, but this dude got cannonballed.

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