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Brett Simpson Showing Off Some Of The Best Style In The Game

Brett ripping Southside Huntington to pieces.


Sometimes 4 Wheels And A Sheet Of Plywood Is All It Takes

That was me back east growing up. A piece of soggy ass plywood and a saw horse.


I Present To You The Latest In Snowboard Trickery: Kneethod Slides @ 2:56

Scotty Stevens has done it again. Sliding boxes on your knees is the latest in a joint conspiracy by the snowboard apparel companies and Scotty to make you go through snow pants at an alarming rate. Airblaster will be coming out with toughskin patches for your knees.


Best Surfed Contest Heats Of The Year (2014)

My vote goes to the Slater x John Florence heat at Lowers.


This Backyard Ramp Set Up Looks Dreamy !

Old “Corpsey” has himself quite the fun zone in his backyard. Maxi-mini ramp with pool coping and another slightly smaller mini facing the other way. Call me crazy but I could see bowled corners in the near future.


Frozen…The New Jersey Surf Version

The definition of core.


Chris Russel Comes In Like A Wrecking Ball

Eggplants…”do an indy air onto your arm” That was the advice I got when learning them.


The Surf In Australia Has Been Going Off !

With just a week until the Quiksilver Pro @ Snapper starts, a cyclone came through and lit up the entire region with right hand point goodness.


I’ve Never Seen A 9 Year Old Skate Rat Go For It Like This !

Cruise Mosberg lives down the street from me and is one of the funniest kids I have ever met, and he rips !


Ben Ferguson: A+ Shredding in C- Conditions

I with I had more thumbs to put up for this edit.

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