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Neff Headwear Maloof Money Cup Limited Hats at awsm.com
Neff Headwear Maloof Money Cup Limited Hats

The Maloof brothers have some spare money. They decided last year to throw some of that “spare money” they had cluttering up their piggy banks at skateboarding. Thus, creating the largest prize purse ever seen in a skateboard contest. 2010 is the second year of the Maloof Money Cup. Neff headwear is the official head covering sponsor of the spare money giveaway. Get a sweet hat & own a part of history. Well, maybe not history…but, it is limited…and I know how you kids love that crap.

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Suunto Core Watch at awsm.com
Suunto Core Watch

Get the details at werd.com

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DC Shoes Nick Dompierre Mid at awsm.com
DC Shoes Nick Dompierre Mid

The ND1 is a mid top skate shoe crammed with a ton of tech features to help your arch not turn into oatmeal when you’re leaping down double sets all-day long. That mid top helps ward off the sharkbites that all those new low tops seem to entice. Nick’s other hobby, outside of being from Massachusetts & skateboarding, is racing an Iroc-Z. Now, let me see, he’s from Massachusetts & drives an Iroc-Z? Sounds like a fackin’ wicked awesome combahnation! Look for these to drop soon.

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Nixon 51-30 Watch at awsm.com
Nixon 51-30 Watch

There will be no excuse for being late with this sweet, rather hulking, Nixon time-telling arm statement on your wrist. Originally inspired by some team riders who were into deep spear fishing and free diving, the over-sized numbers helped them know when they were about to black-out. I don’t know if that’s the truth or not. I figure you would know when you are about to black out, simply by when you begin to panic. Maybe that’s just me. Anyhow, Nixon continues to lead the sports watch pack in design & function. A little bonus to good looks? Getting a sweet pumped up arm from wearing it!

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Cypher Dane Reynolds Brigg Board Shorts at awsm.com
Cypher Dane Reynolds Brigg Board Shorts

Dane Reynolds is not related to Burt Reynolds at all; however, Dane also has a mustache – it’s just not as thick. Speaking of not as thick, these new surf trunks by Quiksilver are thinner & lighter due to some magic material called Diamond Dobby.  The result is less chafing in the crotchal region. If only Burt Reynolds could have provided his girlfriends with Diamond Dobby in the 70′s .

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Nike Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez 2.5 at awsm.com
Nike Zoom Air Paul Rodriguez 2.5

Paul Rodriguez is a a wizard on a skateboard. He has a greasy style, wins everything & is the son of Latino comic legend, Paul Rodriguez Sr. Obviously with a Lakers color scheme, these Nikes are going to sell out as soon as…oh wait, they are already gone. Maybe you can pick up a pair on Ebay for 17 times their list price.

This just in… we found them in Korea! Good luck with that.

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Recycled Skateboard Belt Buckle at awsm.com
Recycled Skateboard Belt Buckle

I like how people are recycling old skate decks. I have seen furniture, wall art, flooring and now – belt buckles. The web site says “turn thrashin’ into fashion.”  That is pretty funny. You know what else is funny? Josh Brolin was in the movie Thrashin back in the early 80s. Chances are, you probably never noticed and I imagine Josh Brolin likes to keep it that way.

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Brixton Fiddler Hat at awsm.com
Brixton Fiddler Hat

Are you the Captain or Tennille?  Invest in this new authoritative skull covering & you will be the Captain every day of the year. Now, go find yourself some Muskrat Love.

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IPATH Hemp Cat at awsm.com
IPATH Hemp Cat

By now, we (people without their heads up their reverse end) all know the deal with hemp. It’s one of the planet’s wonder crops. But for political trade reasons, hemp has been the victim of a smear campaign for decades. IPATH has never been one to shy away from who they are as a skate shoe brand. They are very Irie/Jahfari/Rasta & make no apologies for it.  They embrace the hemp plant and what it can do for everyday life.  Oh, here’s a tidbit for you: tell your mom to google hemp when she tells you there is no way she is buying her child “weed sneakers”.

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i360 iPod Hat Fusion at awsm.com
i360 iPod Hat Fusion

It’s an iPod inside your hat. What does this mean for you and me? When you take your hat off you don’t need to struggle with cords being all inside your jacket and wrapped around your neck choking you with technology. It’s a cool idea. Although, I would lose the rollerblader on the website asap…it may send the wrong message.

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