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Volcom Thirteen Face Mask at awsm.com
Volcom Thirteen Face Mask

“Chi Chi Chi…Cha Cha Cha” Jason Vorhees would be stoked to know if he decided to go snowboarding, he could still keep his “axe wielding maniac” look going out on the slopes.

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Mighty Healthy Skate In Traffic Tee at awsm.com
Mighty Healthy Skate In Traffic Tee

This shirt’s message is pretty specific. Growing up, my dad would say “go play in traffic” when I was being annoying. If he’d said “go skate in traffic”…I probably would have.

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Hot Buttered Thermo Heat Belt at awsm.com
Hot Buttered Thermo Heat Belt

Based on the website…you throw these fake boobie/silicone globs into the microwave, stick them in the little kidney belt and wear under your wetsuit. Thus, making any suit a heated suit. Seems smart enough…until you rupture one of those Pam Anderson’s & you have steaming silicone running down your butt crack.

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Surf Sleeve at awsm.com
Surf Sleeve

The Surf Sleeve is designed to eliminate the chafing of your inner thighs, the twig and two berries. You wear the lycra under your board shorts, so the trunk seams don’t rub your skin raw. This is a good thing…crotch rash on your dream tropical surf vacation is a real downer.

Buy It $19.99 Also posted in Surf Soft Goods

The North Face Broadband Triclimate Jacket at awsm.com
The North Face Broadband Triclimate Jacket

The North Face has always made amazing on-mountain gear. What they often lacked is style. Well…style if you’re not a KT 22 summiting adventure person. It seems however TNF is traveling in the style direction. This jacket is pretty sweet. I bet it performs better than 99.9% of all jackets out there. So if performance is key, then The NorthFace is your brand.

Buy It $299 Also posted in Snow Soft Goods

Antoine Dodson Tee at awsm.com
Antoine Dodson Tee

Hide yo kids, hide yo wife, cause day be sellin’ this t-shirt! If you haven’t seen the magic that is the Bed Intruder Song over on Youtube, do yourself a favor & watch this clip 100 times in a row, right now. If you’re a fan of Antoine Dodson, like I am, then go and buy this platinum piece of pop culture, right this second. You don’t have to come and confess…

Buy It $19.95 Also posted in Tees

Vibram Fivefingers Flow at awsm.com
Vibram Fivefingers Flow

I’m not really sure what to think of these booties. On one hand, they seem to be all about function. Having each of your toes able to move independently of one another, would be good for balance I suppose. One the other hand, they look Goddamned ridiculous. If I saw someone wearing them, I probably would stop whatever I was doing and point. If having functional booties that people point & laugh at is your bag, then by all means dive in.

Buy It $90 Also posted in Surf Soft Goods

Stussy x Hanes 3-Pack of T-shirts at awsm.com
Stussy x Hanes 3-Pack of T-shirts

Plain ole t-shirts are really the best shirts to wear. In this day & age of logos over everything – a nice, crisp white T will make your day. Stussy and Hanes have come together to give you the ultimate 3-pack.

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Stance Socks at awsm.com
Stance Socks

Socks are essential when it comes to snowboarding, skateboarding & standing around watching surfing. Stance has come out with a comfortable fit and an artsy design catering to an action sports-minded athletic supporter. The one thing I look for in a sock to skate or snowboard in is: no quitters. Socks around your ankles after one aggressive body motion are: quitters.

Buy It From $14 Categories: Style

Bond Civil Jacket at awsm.com
Bond Civil Jacket

Bond outerwear is pretty new on the snowboarding garment scene. Don’t let that discourage you – I think they have some of the tightest gear available. By tightest, I don’t mean constricting…like emo snug, I can see your genitalia…but tight, as in the urban slang – they have it together.

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