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Adidas Ronan Shoe at awsm.com
Adidas Ronan Shoe

Ronin is one of my favorite movies. Starring Robert De Niro as an ex CIA gun for hire, the film had some sweet car chases in an Audi S8. This has nothing to do with the Adidas shoe, except for the name. Well … the shoe’s red … and there was a lot of blood spilled in the movie … so I guess that’s something.

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Nike SB Zoom FB Koston at awsm.com
Nike SB Zoom FB Koston

Koston gets a new shoe from Nike. I wonder if it’s going to be popular? I wonder if I’ll get diarrhea after eating Indian food from a NYC street vendor? Guaranteed! Available February 2011.

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Surfisurus I-Evade Wetsuit at awsm.com
Surfisurus I-Evade Wetsuit

New wetsuit company coming out of Nor Cal. You know what that means? These suits are made to handle the frigid, raw ocean off San Francisco. Check the site out … it’s full of techno babble convincing you your current suit is a piece of crap.

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Stay Puft Mask at awsm.com
Stay Puft Mask

Yet another chance to talk about Ghostbusters! This time you get to actually be Gozer the Gozarian as he takes the shape of something from Ray Stantz’s innocent childhood.

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KR3W Timepieces The Navigator at awsm.com
KR3W Timepieces The Navigator

KR3W now makes watches. Here’s a great example.

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Gravis Arto Saari Viking 2011 at awsm.com
Gravis Arto Saari Viking 2011

Arto is amazing. He’s also Finnish, which also makes him amazing. Finnish people are my favorite. Arto has a new shoe on Gravis that looks pretty clean. That’s good too … because the Dylan Rieder dance shoe they were trying to pawn off as a skate shoe was starting to be the only shoe people associated with the brand.

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RAW Ready Amongst Willing Clothing at awsm.com
RAW Ready Amongst Willing Clothing

Yeah … I’m a Masshole and damn proud of it. Whenever I see fellow Massholes making waves … I tip my hat.

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Yobeat T-shirts at awsm.com
Yobeat T-shirts

Yobeat is an online magazine (is this even possible?) that likes to poke fun at the snowboarding industry. I’m all for that. They now have t-shirts and other stuff for sale to keep their “business” in business. Support people that don’t take themselves seriously.

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Nixon Highball Pocket Watch at awsm.com
Nixon Highball Pocket Watch

Whoa, easy there Mr. Belvedere! Nixon’s pocket watch makes you look 10 times more sophisticated as soon as you purchase it.  Monacle not included.

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Analog Lewers Boardshorts at awsm.com
Analog Lewers Boardshorts

Yeah … it’s December and not so much beach weather outside, unless you live in the tropics. In which case, the odds of you reading about this boardshort on the internet are slim to none, because the internet sucks in the tropics. Wrap some Aloha around your waist with these sweet trunks from Analog. Did you ever notice Analog looks a lot like “anal log” when you type it? I just did.

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