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DC Lunchmeat Boardshorts

These toothy boardhorts by DC can’t make me stop thinking about getting bit in the crotch by a shark. I can’t really imagine a worse way to go. I do not recommend these shorts for women, it might send a weird message.

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Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model at awsm.com
Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model

Josh Kerr absolutely rips on a surfboard. I should know, I was having a coronary in the announcing booth at The Quiksilver Pro NY surf contest last week when Kerrzy decided to go apeshit and turn his heat into a video part. These pro-model shorts are an undergarment of sorts. Meant to be worn under your board shorts to keep the boys in check. They act as a compression short. This can be very important if you suffer from the dreaded long nut* syndrome or if you are going anywhere that sea lice can sting you on your pee pee.

* From Urban Dictionary
Long Nut: when a man’s scrotum becomes stretched out over time and hangs lower than it should.
i.e.-you know you have long nuts when you get a temperature reading of toilet water whenever you take a number two.
potential causes: inadequate support for the hairy beanbag during impact sports

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Quit Mad Stop Trunks at awsm.com
Quit Mad Stop Trunks

Quit Mad Stop trunks have a vintage beach look I think would look great with a mustache and a single fin. If you’re looking to accessorize your facial hair and have already done the cut-off jeans and fixed gear bike, this may be your next step to making everyone at the beach believe you’re from Brooklyn.

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Element Skateboards Ready Aim Stripe Boardshorts at awsm.com
Element Skateboards Ready Aim Stripe Boardshorts

Element wants you to know it’s ok to skateboard in boardshorts. Usually a clowned upon offense, they have a new video showing someone doing a back tail slide in a pool wearing a pair of Ready Aim Stripe trunks. I think there are far too many rules about what you can and can’t do and what makes you look like a kook. I say, if you’re having a good time, you should wear a speedo.

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Quiksilver NFL Boardshorts at awsm.com
Quiksilver NFL Boardshorts

Quiksilver will be responsible for some heated chest-puffing exchanges at the local watering hole this summer. Your favorite NFL teams licensed on Quiksilver’s Diamond Dobby trunks. This summer, it’s the Chargers and the Oakland Raiders. I know Pipeline charger and over-sized man-baby Reef Macintosh almost tinkled himself when he got his new San Diego Chargers trunks in the mail.

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Quiksilver Cypher Squirter Boardshorts at awsm.com
Quiksilver Cypher Squirter Boardshorts

Quik’s Cypher board shorts have little plastic squirt guns on them. That’s why they’re called the squirters. I knew someone we called “The Squirter” in high school … although, for a totally different reason.

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D Lush Board Short at awsm.com
D Lush Board Short

Normally, I wouldn’t go near Metal Mulisha’s clothing line with a ten foot, tattoo-covered, stripper pole. However, due to the excitement everyone’s having over beer carriers, I’m making an exception. The D-Lush board short is the Lake Havasu special. Load ‘em up with beer and make really poor decisions all day long.

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Oakley Blade Boardshorts at awsm.com
Oakley Blade Boardshorts

When I hear the words Oakley and Blade, I think mullets, the late 80s and neon pink. Seems now, Oakley wants you to think of men’s trunks. The Blade trunk features a removable inner compression short keeping sea lice from stinging you on your pee stick. A really good thing if you’re in the tropics…nobody likes a stinging hotdog.

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Quiksilver Custom Trunks Designed By You at awsm.com
Quiksilver Custom Trunks Designed By You

Have you ever thought you had a better idea for surf trunks than Quiksilver? Well, here’s your chance to put up or shut up. Design your own boardies with a ton of options. I designed a pair the other day … I really did.

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Reef Collector Ed 1 Boardshort at awsm.com
Reef Collector Ed 1 Boardshort

Put some butts on your butt. Reef has always been known as the company with the asses in the ads. Well … they’ve taken their successful formula and dropped it on some trunks in time for summer.

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