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Nixon Has Something Coming That’s Going To Make You Sith Your Pants !

Nixon just dropped this STAR WARS Day teaser of something amazing that’s dropping soon……

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The RedBull Double Pipe Was Something Special

I had such a good time riding that thing all week with the boys. It makes me hopeful that snowboard pipe contests can get out of the standard mold and try something different and creative. Terje and the Arctic Challenge event are pushing hard as well to break the stale “6 hits 12 flips”  and we get a winner format.

Louie Vito And I Doing Some Doubles In The Double Pipe Photo: Jeff Brockmeyer

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So Stoked On Next Years Outerwear

Wampawear 2014

The only real problem is lacing your boots and strapping in, but other than that…

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DC Shoes: Mikey Taylor

DC just dropped Mikey’s new shoe and it’s sick. I have been skating them for about a month now and am very satisfied.

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DC Lunchmeat Boardshorts

These toothy boardhorts by DC can’t make me stop thinking about getting bit in the crotch by a shark. I can’t really imagine a worse way to go. I do not recommend these shorts for women, it might send a weird message.

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Nixon Supertide

The new Nixon Supertide is a surfers best friend. With tide forecasts for over 200 beaches across the globe, you will never again have a session ruined by a drained or swamped out spot. The Supertide features a incredibly clear and easy to read face that handles glare like a champ. With 5 colors to choose from, this watch can fit any fashion need. Good looking and functional, everything we expect from Nixon.

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Wilco’s New Wetsuit Is So Titties at awsm.com
Wilco’s New Wetsuit Is So Titties

Matt Wilkinson has the best wetsuits ever.  This one is in honor of France’s topless beach bonanza.

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Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model at awsm.com
Elephant Surf Josh Kerr Pro Model

Josh Kerr absolutely rips on a surfboard. I should know, I was having a coronary in the announcing booth at The Quiksilver Pro NY surf contest last week when Kerrzy decided to go apeshit and turn his heat into a video part. These pro-model shorts are an undergarment of sorts. Meant to be worn under your board shorts to keep the boys in check. They act as a compression short. This can be very important if you suffer from the dreaded long nut* syndrome or if you are going anywhere that sea lice can sting you on your pee pee.

* From Urban Dictionary
Long Nut: when a man’s scrotum becomes stretched out over time and hangs lower than it should.
i.e.-you know you have long nuts when you get a temperature reading of toilet water whenever you take a number two.
potential causes: inadequate support for the hairy beanbag during impact sports

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Zombie Feet Sandals at awsm.com
Zombie Feet Sandals

You know what? I think that I have seen some feet that actually look worse than these novelty sandals. People, it’s summer time, cut your friggen’ toe nails. Seriously, if your feet look like they belong on an undead brain craving creature from the crypt, get yourself a pedi.

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Volcom Hoo Farted Tee at awsm.com
Volcom Hoo Farted Tee

I love this shirt. It’s like the owl is asking who farted with his weird owl talk. My daughter sleeps in a child-size version. In our house, there’s never a question about whoo farted.

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