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RIP Glen And Tom

Two of the worlds best humans are no longer with us. I hope that wherever their next adventure takes them, the waves are perfect with nobody out, and the powder is deep and terrain steep.

I will miss you Glen Doherty and Tom Sims. RIP

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Actual Human Review: Peter Line at awsm.com
Actual Human Review: Peter Line
Have you ever thought about which one of your friends is the most likely to have a nude painting of themselves hanging somewhere in their house? Well, chances are if you know him, the name Peter Line popped into your head. We all know Peter can snowboard really well and has done this and that for the progression of the sport bla bla bla. Let’s go deeper into Peter. I just felt uncomfortable typing that.

First off Peter is shorter than the average human. He is about the size of an Ewok, just less furry and 30 times more offensive. He is eccentric, which really means weird with money. Pete lives in Seattle in some artsy loft that everyone raves about. I have never been to his home.  I picture a bunch of phallic shaped furniture in his living room that looks really weird, but is strangely comfortable to sit in. Peter loves to cook. Rumor has it that he can perform in a kitchen.  Apparently he was classically trained by the Food Network. I am again getting a mental picture of Pete in his living room filled with penis furniture and nude paintings of himself studying the Food Network. He’s probably in a robe and it’s 3 in the afternoon.

In true eccentric artist style, Peter has found photography. However, I really think his master plan is to somehow convince chicks to take their clothes off for him in his “studio”. I wonder if his studio has windows…or door handles on the inside?

Peter has a love for late nights.

So in summary, we have an eccentric little man who loves cooking and photography and has starred in many blockbuster movies. I’m pretty sure I just described Woody Allen.

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The Dingo at awsm.com
The Dingo

These people reviews are rare. For the human in question needs to possess amazing qualities worthy of precious blog space. I think “The Dingo”" has them. ” The Dingo”, as he is known to his 12 fans, is actually named Luke Trembath and from Australia. He migrated to the USA about ten years ago to be Danny Kass’ foster child. Fast forward … now we see “The Dingo” milling about in the background of C-list celebrity photos wearing sunglasses and what appears to be some kind of wild west bandit outfit … or screaming on the mic at various snowboard events around the globe. He even has a television show with his surrogate father, Danny Kass, on Fuel TV. I think “The Dingo” is a great example of the American dream. If someone can come to our country dressed like that and make something of themselves … literally anyone can.

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Ken Block Wants You To Win His Stuff at awsm.com
Ken Block Wants You To Win His Stuff

Congratulations to Beau from Kansas. And thank you to everyone who participated. Another signed product will be available very soon.

We wanted to do something really big so more people will “like” us … making us popular around the playground. I thought … what better way to get noticed than to use my friend Ken’s popularity to slingshot us to the top! Welcome to the ultimate Ken Block giveaway! You will receive 8 different pairs of Ken’s signature Spy glasses, a pair of Ken’s signature DC shoes, a Traxxas RC Ken Block Ford Gymkhana car (this thing can go 50 mph) and last, but certainly not least, a Ken doll with a custom-designed (by me, Todd Richards) racing suit! We’re running this one for 3 weeks. Have at ‘er folks … as always, there’s several ways to win!

For more information on Ken Block’s signature products head over to:
Traxxas, DC Shoes, Spy Optic, Monster World Rally Team, Ken Block Racing

Three Chances To Win:
A Random winner will be selected on Wednesday, March 23rd.

Click the “Like” button below:

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Make Chris Cote Ashton Kutcher’s Bitch! at awsm.com
Make Chris Cote Ashton Kutcher’s Bitch!

My good friend Chris wants to be famous so badly that he entered a contest to become Ashton Kutcher’s concubine or something equally as odd. I think he just really wants to be adopted by Bruce Willis – just like Ashton. Let’s help Chris get the gig. Go watch Cote’s video and cast your vote. We can make a difference! WATCH IT!

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Iikka Backstrom at awsm.com
Iikka Backstrom

This will be AWSM’s second ‘actual human’ review. Iikka is an interesting example of the human species from Finland. If you’re not familiar with Finland and what it’s done for skateboarding & snowboarding, Google Aarto Saari and the fuzzy little foreigner, Iikka. Now, lets get down to the nitty gritty. Iikka is the closest thing the planet has to a real live Muppet. It’s hard to put a label on his personality. Mostly, it’s just confused. I’ve never seen someone look so baffled all the time. I personally love when he talks to his Finnish friends. It sounds like an old dial-up modem talking to a fax machine with “dude” or “bro” thrown in for good measure. I love Iikka. I hope all of you out there get a chance to meet him someday. I know you ladies are excited. Although, I wouldn’t get too tingly. Iikka is one of the only people I’ve ever witnessed successfully ‘cock block’ himself at a bar. Hooray for Finland!

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Louie Vito (the tiny dancer): 5 Things Louie Needs For His Other Profession – Snowboarding at awsm.com
Louie Vito (the tiny dancer): 5 Things Louie Needs For His Other Profession – Snowboarding

You may remember Louie from events such as the Vancouver Winter Olympic Games or Dancing With The Stars.  With one of the most blue collar names in the history of snowboarding, Louie needs a few things when hiking the pipe on the way to double cork glory.

Louie Vito Omatic Snowboards Celebrity 154 ($389.95)
686 Limited Louie Vito Signature Pant ($179.99)
686 Limited Louie Vito Signature Jacket ($219.99)
Trevor-Louie Vito Signature Goggle ($74.95)
Nike Zoom Kaiju Snowboard Boot ($349.99)

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Ken Block: 5 Necessities For A “Rally” Sweet Life at awsm.com
Ken Block: 5 Necessities For A “Rally” Sweet Life

Ken Block lives a dream existence. He started a successful skate shoe company.  Parlays said shoe biz into successful snowboard company. Sells both. Creates private snowboard park at his home outside Park City, Utah. Just when you think the fairy tale couldn’t get any sweeter, he decides he wants to be a rally racer. Then…he becomes awesome at that. God, sometimes I just shit envy! Well…Ken is on the road quite a bit chasing time markers….here are his necessities for a rally sweet life.

MacBook Pro (From $1199)
Livery Edition DC Pro Spec 2.0 Driving Shoe (style shown coming soon, others $100)
DC/Incase Backpack ($200)
The latest episodes of The Daily Show with John Stewart ($1.99 iTunes or free online)
Melatonin ($4.99)

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Scotty Lago: 5 Items To Bring With You On A Trip at awsm.com
Scotty Lago: 5 Items To Bring With You On A Trip

Scotty has one of the best styles in snowboarding. He got a bronze medal at the Olympics and was kicked out of Vancouver. In doing so, he won the hearts of purists everywhere.

Frends Headphones ($33 – $88)
Apple MacBook Pro 15″ ($1799)
Billabong Socks ($6) and Underwear ($25)
Smith Sunglasses ($98)
“The Bible” – The Game : Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists ($23.75)

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Benji Weatherly: 5 Must-Have Movies To Travel With at awsm.com
Benji Weatherly: 5 Must-Have Movies To Travel With

Benji is a very charismatic human…both in and out of the water. He is also known for his backside attack…both in and out of the water.

The Big Lebowski ($13.49)
Stranger than Fiction ($12.49)
Brave Heart
– for motivation ($10.49)
Any Jenna Jameson Video
Entourage – all seasons ($27.99)

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