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Donald Vader ?

I don’t think I am alone in saying that getting the Star Wars franchise away from George might be a really good thing. Now…give us the story we all want, ┬áBoba Fett skinning wookies!

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Not Just Another Transworld Skate Video at awsm.com
Not Just Another Transworld Skate Video

Transworld Skateboarding is premiering their new vid today, Go Skateboarding Day, at these shop locations around the country. Go to your local supporting shop and see what all the buzz is about. Rumor has it Theotis Beasly’s part is absolutely nuts.

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Download Nike’s Surf Film “Leave A Message” For Free at awsm.com
Download Nike’s Surf Film “Leave A Message” For Free

What’s better than free? Get Nike’s new 6.0 surf vid Leave A Message for just the click of your finger. It features girls doing turns & airs that you will never be able to do.

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Riding In Vans With Boys or How To Ruin Your Life And Everyone Around You at awsm.com
Riding In Vans With Boys or How To Ruin Your Life And Everyone Around You

A few of my friends here in Encinitas are in a band called Kut U Up. They’re friends with a bunch of cool-guy bands like Blink 182 and Green Day. A few years back (when Chris Cote had hair) Tom Delonge decided it would be a great idea to take them on the road and film them opening up for all the hot-shots. This video is what happens when you give hyper-kids a bunch of beer, a budget for more beer and set them free on the musical road. Get this, you won’t regret it. Well, you might regret it, but you will laugh at least once. They’re also reuniting, playing at the Belly Up in Solana Beach in July.

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Real Skateboards Since Day One

Real Skateboard’s new vid just dropped. All I can say is watch Alex Perelson.

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The Twins

Twins are twice the fun. These two are no exception. They’re crazy good for being so young and … there are two of them! I smell a Disney special brewing.

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WTF Wednesday: The Shirtless Saxophonist

This is pure gold. I can’t really say anything else. Other than, I wish I had done it first.

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Downhill Skateboarding is Hairball

Downhill skateboarding can be dangerous to say the least. It’s fast, furious and a mere pebble could result in a sudden impact & slide, scrapping all the skin off your forehead before you can squeal “Oh God!” Check out how fast these guys are going while casually handing a camera back & forth. It looks super sketchy. But often, the most entertaining activities are.

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Nike 6.0 Leave A Message Trailer

Hey guys. If you think you’re a hot-shot surfer, watch this and quit now. Hope you’re secure with your manhood.

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Ken Block’s Rally Training

Ok … so I throw a lot of Ken Block shit up on AWSM. Before you go saying I just might be “G4K”, watch this vid, it’s worthy. Try & ignore sweaty Ken and focus on what the trainer is trying to do for him. My favorite part is Ken juggling and standing on the balance board while doing arithmetic. Shit … I have a hard enough time texting while walking, never mind having to actually think about math. Oh by the way, G4K means Gay for Ken.

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