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The Answer Is Yes…

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Donald Vader ?

I don’t think I am alone in saying that getting the Star Wars franchise away from George might be a really good thing. Now…give us the story we all want,  Boba Fett skinning wookies!

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Nabit at awsm.com

Do you want to shoot action sequence photos of tre flips down 30 sets but all you have is your iPhone?  Thank goodness that there is an app for that. Now if there was only an app that would let you actually land tricks and stop wasting gigs upon gigs of memory.

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The Voodoo Wave: Inside a Season of Triumph and Tumult at Maverick’s at awsm.com
The Voodoo Wave: Inside a Season of Triumph and Tumult at Maverick’s

Pete Mel is a friend of mine.  Pete is a Maverick’s legend. Maverick’s will kill your ass and then feed you to sharks. I love reading anything that has to do with the mythical Half Moon Bay enormo break. Did I mention I am friends with Pete Mel?

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Not Just Another Transworld Skate Video at awsm.com
Not Just Another Transworld Skate Video

Transworld Skateboarding is premiering their new vid today, Go Skateboarding Day, at these shop locations around the country. Go to your local supporting shop and see what all the buzz is about. Rumor has it Theotis Beasly’s part is absolutely nuts.

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Go Skateboarding Day at awsm.com
Go Skateboarding Day

Today is Go Skateboarding Day! Now … I know there isn’t a fat man with a beard & red suit coming down your chimney or an over-sized rabbit laying chocolate eggs on your lawn … but Go Skateboarding Day is better. Yes … I said it … Go Skateboarding Day is better than Christmas. So get out there today and skate your face off.

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Make Your Own Star Wars Opening Crawl

Click the PLAY button above to see what I wrote.

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eMade For Skate iPad Edition at awsm.com
eMade For Skate iPad Edition

Ever wonder where skate shoes came from? Well … this iPad-friendly app overviews skate shoe history in an interactive futuristic format. The future is now, or at least in a little while.

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Dirt 3 at awsm.com
Dirt 3

If you like rally cars, Ken Block, video games & beer – click like. The new Dirt3 game is out now. It features a variety of new modes, like Ken Block’s famous Gymkhana segments. The graphics are all time. You can almost feel the dirt hitting you in the face as you Scandi flick around corners. I was kidding about beer being in the game … but you can still drink a beer while playing.

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Download Nike’s Surf Film “Leave A Message” For Free at awsm.com
Download Nike’s Surf Film “Leave A Message” For Free

What’s better than free? Get Nike’s new 6.0 surf vid Leave A Message for just the click of your finger. It features girls doing turns & airs that you will never be able to do.

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