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Nixon Has Something Coming That’s Going To Make You Sith Your Pants !

Nixon just dropped this STAR WARS Day teaser of something amazing that’s dropping soon……

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GoPro Hero 3

Twice as small and twice as powerful, the new Hero 3 will be available in just two weeks.

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Is That A SLR Lens On Your I Phone Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

The I Phone 4s has a pretty slick camera these days. A lot of people out there have a pretty mean Insta game. You know what makes your Insta game even better? A big fucking lens that doesn’t belong on your I Phone. We all know that this kit will be last weeks news in about a month when the I Phone 5 comes out in June, so if you are going to buy this to attach a SLR lens to your I Phone 4s you better do it now.

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Sonos Wireless Speaker System

The Sonos Wireless speaker system is a game changer for your in-home musical entertainment. The speakers are tapped thru your ¬†airport or other wireless system. The speakers can be placed anywhere in the house and controlled with your I-Phone, I-Pad, Computer ¬†or any other modern personal device. The absolute raddest thing is the way you can link all your speakers up to play a single track or play different tracks from your music collection on each one of the speakers. Not only your music library but Spotify, Pandora, Sirius XM etc. So for example you can listen to The Dead Kennedy’s while you’re cooking dinner while your wife listens to Enya doing yoga down stairs and the kids can be listening to the Muppet Movie soundtrack in their play room. All at different volumes with different equalizer settings etc. It’s a truly amazing system that has to be experienced to really get a grasp on what it’s capable of. Go out and get one!

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GoPro Wi-Fi Camera Back

The new GoPro Wi Fi back enables the user to remotely activate their camera from a distance and stream footage to their smart phone or computer. GoPro is constantly stepping up their game. Impressive to say the least!

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Drift HD POV Camera at awsm.com
Drift HD POV Camera

The POV camera market has been blowing up lately. The new Drift HD camera features a compact design with an lcd screen so that you can see what the hell you are filming. Based on most of the videos I have watched from the POV angle, people could really use a point of reference. Available August 31, 2011.

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Nixon TPS Speakers at awsm.com
Nixon TPS Speakers

Nixon is making moves in the audio department. Their new TPS speakers are USB charge-able, meaning you can take them with you to the beach or anywhere you need audio enhancement. I put it in my bicycle basket and roll around town blaring obscure indie music. The speakers hold a charge for 3 or 4 hours as far as I can tell – I was impressed.

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Incase Audio at awsm.com
Incase Audio

Incase dominates the Apple accessory department, hands down. Now, they’re taking a shot at personal audio. Given their track record, I don’t see this as a problem. Dropping September 2011.

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Leica i9 Concept at awsm.com
Leica i9 Concept

This would be spectacular. Paring an iPhone 4 with a Leica housing could turn the whole phone/camera world on its ass.

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Replay XD1080 at awsm.com
Replay XD1080

Cameras are getting smaller & smaller. Replay’s HD cam is about the size of a Lifesavers candy roll. Strap it to your body and do something cool.

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