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O’Neill Freak Sneak Surf Boot

O’neill has come out with a booty that looks just like sneaker. Is this a good thing? I think it is awesome. Most of the boot is going to be tucked up under you wetsuit anyhow. This would be great paired with my new wetsuit idea. It’s a flesh colored wetsuit with cutoff jean shorts and a wife beater silk screened on. The O’neill Freak Sneak’s would just compliment the look!

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Nixon Supertide

The new Nixon Supertide is a surfers best friend. With tide forecasts for over 200 beaches across the globe, you will never again have a session ruined by a drained or swamped out spot. The Supertide features a incredibly clear and easy to read face that handles glare like a champ. With 5 colors to choose from, this watch can fit any fashion need. Good looking and functional, everything we expect from Nixon.

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Captain Fin Co. / Summer Teeth Fins

This set of fins from Captain Fin Co. has been designed and tested by Dane Reynolds himself. Dane is super picky about what he puts his name next to, so you can bet that these fins perform. Wether they will make you surf like Dane is another matter all together.

These are made for use with a Future Fin Box.

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Aqua Grip Surfboard Wax

The guys over at legendary snowboard wax manufacturer One Ball Jay have surfboard wax too. They have actually been making this for a long time but I just noticed this sweet packaging for the wax. Kids love skulls.

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$500,000 Surfboard? at awsm.com
$500,000 Surfboard?

Ok, $500k for a surfboard? Does this board give you a massage and a handy while you ride it? Wait, it doesn’t? So what the heck does it do to cost 500 thousand dollars?  If you have to ask, then you can’t afford it. Actually, nobody can afford it that surfs. Well, maybe like 7 people.  Ding repair has to be a bitch on that thing!

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Coffin Surfboard at awsm.com
Coffin Surfboard

Are you really into True Blood? If so, this might be your surfboard of choice. Actually, I kind of think it has more of an Adam’s Family vibe. One thing’s for sure, coffin rides will be that much more legit.

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Viper Bodysurfing Fins at awsm.com
Viper Bodysurfing Fins

Have you ever body surfed? No … not riding the whitewash on your belly. But actually riding on the open face of a wave with a weird rippling feeling on your tummy. It really is a unique experience. If you have doubts on how rad it can be, check out Mark Cunningham bodysurfing at Pipe. It’s amazing. Viper makes some of the best fins out there for both body-surfing and body-boarding. Get some and get barreled on waist high days.

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KookBox Surfboards Diamond Tail Twin Fin at awsm.com
KookBox Surfboards Diamond Tail Twin Fin

The Kookbox Diamond Twinny is built to perform. Joel Tudor rips the sack out of any wave he encounters on one of these. Take the new school approach to any wave, while riding a classically-inspired shape.

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JS Industries Mystery at awsm.com
JS Industries Mystery

Summer means small waves. You need a groveler board for those double over ankle days. Try this JS Mystery. Transworld Surfing says it’s totally awesome.

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The Seaglass Project Tuna at awsm.com
The Seaglass Project Tuna

Finless surfboards provide the ultimate glide in the water. The learning curve is steep, but once overcome it’s an indescribable ride. These boards take the Alia experience and make it a bit more user-friendly.

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