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Is This The New Audi RS3 ?

Audi just unveiled the new “A3 Club-sport Concept” for an upcoming auto show.  I hope this is the way the new RS3 looks when it comes. The car is fitted with the spectacular inline 5 that currently sits in the RS3 and TTRS. However, this one is juiced to over 500hp so you can imagine how snappy a light little car like the A3 would be with such a capable power plant. So here’s to hoping we get a manny 6 speed and true quattro !

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Audi B8 RS4 May Be Coming To The USA

Audi of America has brought an RS4 Avant over to the states to see if people will be stoked on a 450 hp super wagon to get us to and from the hill/beach/skatepark/grocery store in style. If this is something you want to see and support, help the cause. Like this, share this, tweet this, draw this, shout this #BringtheRS4avant2USA . It worked for the TTRS and it can work for the RS4.

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Perfection…I’m in love.

Read about it

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The Skier Controlled Tow Boat at awsm.com
The Skier Controlled Tow Boat

If you can’t afford a boat, maybe you can scrape up enough cash to buy an RC boat to drag your ass around the lake. Kind of a neat idea. I would use it to drag my lazy ass back into the lineup when I’m surfing.

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Christiania Box Cycle at awsm.com
Christiania Box Cycle

The Christiania Box Cycle is one of the coolest bikes I’ve ever laid eyes on. Originally from Denmark, this utility cycle is now available on our shore. The perfect summer beach bike with room for towels, beer, umbrella, beer, surf gear, beer and maybe even some … beer. This summer be the coolest on your block and grab one.

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Surf Limo at awsm.com
Surf Limo

Ok … let’s fast forward 10 years or so. Maybe, you’ll see the resurgence of the old “woodies”, seeing how the world has run out of new ideas for the most part. Maybe, this is what it will look like? Neat concept. If you read what the car was intended for however, it gets less cool.

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Koenigsegg Agera R at awsm.com
Koenigsegg Agera R

Let’s just say you have enough scratch to afford a Swedish super-car that goes fast enough to make you tinkle. One would also assume, you would have enough money to buy a Subaru Forester to take to the mountains when you want to get your shred on. Is the photo of the roof box on the Koenigsegg website a joke or are they really saying this is the next generation of sport utility vehicles? The car’s front spoiler could push a credit card down the street never-mind drive into a ski area parking lot! You could get high centered on a penny.

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Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Accessory at awsm.com
Ktrak Snowmobile Bike Accessory

Turn your bicycle in to an icicle! If you live in a mountain town, are broke from buying your season pass and selling weed didn’t turn out the way you thought it would, chances are you are without cash for gas or modern motorized transportation all together.  Now, nothing can stop you! Bring on a blizzard, you can just ride right on through! Now, if you only had enough money for waterproof clothing …

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Volkswagen Rockton Super Awesome Van at awsm.com
Volkswagen Rockton Super Awesome Van

Ok … so this is the greatest thing since sliced bread, as far as I’m concerned. No … it doesn’t have 500-ft pounds of torque or two massive turbos, but it’s bad ass! Our sistah site, werd, covered this dream vehicle last week. But, I think this VW is so awesome I’m going for redundancy. Volkswagen does not have plans to bring the Rockton to the States as of now. However after doing a bit of internet spelunking, I discovered the VW Transporter Van is coming to the USSA in the next two years ( yes, that second “S” is on purpose, until we start getting all the sweet Euro cars ). I can only imagine there will be a Weekender version of the Transporter and 4 motion can’t be that far off.  Just look at the way the VW Weekender’s are holding their value on Http://Poptopheaven.com. It’s nuts!

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Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta RC Car at awsm.com
Traxxas Ken Block Gymkhana Fiesta RC Car

I like RC cars, they are damn fun. I knew it was only a matter of time before Ken inked a deal on his Gymkhana spec rally car. Traxxas, the premier name in RC cars, has answered every armchair Gymkhana driver’s dream. This scale model of Ken’s snappy Ford Focus also features a brushless motor. If you’ve ever driven an RC car with one – you know they’re fast! I can’t wait for Traxxas to send me my free car for this review. You hear me Traxxas … send me one to play with!

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