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Gangsta Wars Prints at awsm.com
Gangsta Wars Prints

These Star Wars prints have some flava. Imagine your favorite Star Wars character going all ghetto with gold chains and boom boxes. You having a hard time imagining that? ¬†Personally, I have an easier time imagining Rosy O’Donnell in a bikini … but that’s just me.

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The Skate Study House Comet Coffee Table at awsm.com
The Skate Study House Comet Coffee Table

We’ve featured Skate Study House’s designs in the past. I think this may be my favorite. I imagine you could commission them to create a coffee table out of your old decks or any number of the amazing graphics out now.

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Vans Coasters at awsm.com
Vans Coasters

Vans took their OG skate shoe’s iconic waffle sole and gave your adult beverage the same joy of the ultimate grip.

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The Seaglass Project Tuna at awsm.com
The Seaglass Project Tuna

Finless surfboards provide the ultimate glide in the water. The learning curve is steep, but once overcome it’s an indescribable ride. These boards take the Alia experience and make it a bit more user-friendly.

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Seshday Daily Deals Site at awsm.com
Seshday Daily Deals Site

I randomly stumbled on this site and it seemed too cool not to share. Let’s face it people, with the economy being a steaming pile of dog crap, any time we can snag a deal it’s pretty super. This site blows out inventory from all the action sports companies at a super discount. Get your summer wardrobe updated and still have money for beer.

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Doggles Goggles For Your Dog at awsm.com
Doggles Goggles For Your Dog

Many of you own dogs and like to take them in the snow. Do you think when the snow is blowing in your eyes, that somehow, it’s not blowing in your pooch’s eyes too? ¬†For you, the human, the solution is simple: put on a pair of goggles or glasses. For your dog, however, he just sits there thinking you’re a total asshole. All the while, going snow-blind. Get your canine some Doggles. He’ll thank you by not eating your slippers or peeing on your bed later.

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Scarpar at awsm.com

Hey everybody, who wants to get hurt first? This tank-like, mountain board contraption will be out just in time for Santa to drop one down the chimney. Then, approximately 30 minutes after unwrapping, you’ll head to the closest urgent care.

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VW Camper Van Tent at awsm.com
VW Camper Van Tent

There’s a way to stand out at a campsite other than shooting off fireworks all night long. VW’s Camper is the most original tent I’ve ever seen. If you’ve always wanted a retro Volkswagen bus, but can’t justify spending hard-earned money on a van that will spend more time in the shop than on the road, this is your perfect solution.

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Caffeinated Popcorn at awsm.com
Caffeinated Popcorn

Ethanol can suck it. Caffeinated popcorn is the new clean burning fuel for the masses. Listen. You don’t want to drink cans of sugar water. You want to stuff handfuls of lightly salted, heavily caffeinated corn in to your eating hole. It states this is recommended for healthy individuals over 18. Man … what happens when I give this to my popcorn-loving cat?

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Surfer Wall Mural at awsm.com
Surfer Wall Mural

This mural is pretty sweet. I’ve been staring at it for a while now, trying to figure out who it is. It doesn’t really help that the image can be flipped to whatever way you want the surfer facing. I’m not sure which I like better…

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