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Nixon Has Something Coming That’s Going To Make You Sith Your Pants !

Nixon just dropped this STAR WARS Day teaser of something amazing that’s dropping soon……

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Is This The New Audi RS3 ?

Audi just unveiled the new “A3 Club-sport Concept” for an upcoming auto show.  I hope this is the way the new RS3 looks when it comes. The car is fitted with the spectacular inline 5 that currently sits in the RS3 and TTRS. However, this one is juiced to over 500hp so you can imagine how snappy a light little car like the A3 would be with such a capable power plant. So here’s to hoping we get a manny 6 speed and true quattro !

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Tired Skateboards !

I’m so down with this vibe. Tired Skateboards

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Your Expensive Nikon Digital Camera Just Became Obsolete

WOW!    It’s not like everyone didn’t see this coming. Time to really up your Insta game


So Stoked On Next Years Outerwear

Wampawear 2014

The only real problem is lacing your boots and strapping in, but other than that…

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Audi B8 RS4 May Be Coming To The USA

Audi of America has brought an RS4 Avant over to the states to see if people will be stoked on a 450 hp super wagon to get us to and from the hill/beach/skatepark/grocery store in style. If this is something you want to see and support, help the cause. Like this, share this, tweet this, draw this, shout this #BringtheRS4avant2USA . It worked for the TTRS and it can work for the RS4.

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GoPro Hero 3

Twice as small and twice as powerful, the new Hero 3 will be available in just two weeks.

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Backpack Couch

Well, you’ll definitely will be wondering where the hell you put the remote when you plop your behind down in this baby to watch the new season of Walking Dead. I mean look at all those pockets! I thought that I was onto something with the Swiss army towel but this Eastpack sofa is next level.

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O’Neill Freak Sneak Surf Boot

O’neill has come out with a booty that looks just like sneaker. Is this a good thing? I think it is awesome. Most of the boot is going to be tucked up under you wetsuit anyhow. This would be great paired with my new wetsuit idea. It’s a flesh colored wetsuit with cutoff jean shorts and a wife beater silk screened on. The O’neill Freak Sneak’s would just compliment the look!

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Perfection…I’m in love.

Read about it

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