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Burton Snowboards x Disney Tron Boot at awsm.com
Burton Snowboards x Disney Tron Boot

I don’t know how I feel about the new Tron movie. I mean, the first one was about a guy getting sucked into a friggen space invaders game or something. How are they going to build off of that? I mean, is the main character going to get sucked into an X-Box? If he does, will he meet-up with all those tools that make fun of me for sucking at Call Of Duty?  If so, I would definitely pay to see that move. All those little shits…Anyhow, what was this post about? Oh yeah, Burton teamed up with mega-entertainer, Disney, to put out a Tron-inspired boot. It has Tron-ish graphics & Burton-ish design. Put a movie on your foot. Dropping this winter.

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