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Morrow Snowboards Truth Model at awsm.com
Morrow Snowboards Truth Model

Ok … pretty much the only reason I’m reviewing this board is because I’m feeling nostalgic. You see … I rode for Morrow Snowboards for almost 15 years. Those were some of the best years of my life. I had my first pro model with Morrow and the chance to design some of the best boards I’ve ever ridden. One example was the Morrow Truth series. I had decided I didn’t want a pro model anymore, but wanted to do a series of amazing freestyle boards instead. Truth was actually T from Todd and R from Richards with a uth in there to make it tricky.  There were a bunch of different sizes & such. I rode the 156 and Josh Dirksen put a lot of work in on the 158. We worked hard to make boards that could rip turns and tear jumps & pipes apart. I find it sad that Morrow is now a bargain brand with the same board names without the soul or the passion it once had. Shit … they’re still using the logo I designed and I bet nobody really gives two shits over there to think about the how & why. Ugh … frustration. I love Robbie Morrow and his namesake snowboard brand. If I could have a Christmas wish, it would be to have Morrow Snowboards return to it’s former glory.

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